About Us

FSI Profile GraphicFSI International, L.L.C. is a contracting company specializing in the field of firestopping, and fire protective coatings for use in inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke in buildings. We use only the most advanced and approved materials. Proper preparation and use of approved materials in a skilled application assures maximum protection.

Today’s Engineers and Architects, motivated by heightened concern for life safety and the need to protect property and keep liability costs to a minimum, require fully tested firestop materials and systems. In addition, code officials and inspectors are keenly aware of their role and responsibility in the life safety arena resulting in the approval of only those firestop systems which provide documented performance and conformance to nationally recognize standards.

We are building our reputation on “Quality Workmanship”, on time job performance and competitive pricing. FSI International’s dedication and expertise will satisfy all your needs.

Our Business is Your Life Safety

FSI International, L.L.C. specializes in the installation of firestop/containment systems, providing a full range of firestopping applications including installations for through/membrane penetrations, construction joints protection. Additionally, FSI installs smoke and sound air movement seals.

FSI is a firestop contractor that complies with Underwriters Laboratories Qualified Firestop Contractor Program Requirements. What that means for FSI clients is that we have developed a management system specifically focused on the proper selection and installation of UL Firestop Systems, as evidenced in a written examination by a Designated Responsible Individual (DRI), which is maintained by strict quality controls.

New Orleans Sports Arena

New Orleans Sports Arena and Superdome

FSI stays up-to-date with the current codes and installs the most cost-effective systems to meet these code requirements. We are an industry leader and provide our clients with services not normally found in a firestopping contractor. Our goal is to reduce the possibility of delays due to failed inspections and allow our customers to focus on the issues of their particular trade without worrying about firestop systems.

Our standard package provides:
Complete submittals as per the specifications and applicable code requirements; A trained work force to install U.L./Omega Point tested and listed systems; Installation of the most economical firestop systems to meet your jobsite conditions; A liaison with local authorities during on-site inspections; and Follow-through to final acceptance of firestop requirements.

Please browse our website and learn why FSI International is the firestop contractor to call for all your firestopping needs.